Good Exercise Today

Pictures: Same old, same old pictures of the White-crowned Sparrow, nothing new. I do have these White-crowned Sparrows coming to my feeder area but that is the only birds coming by. It’ll have to do for now 🙂



Exercise: Well I rode the bike for 7 miles but a much harder trail today! It kind of kick my backside …. but still, it felt good and I enjoyed it tremendously.
I feel a little foolish sometimes out on the trail when I cross paths with the real mountain trail riders, usually much younger than I and on bike that cost twice as many thousands of dollars than my did hundreds of dollars. Bike that cost in between 5 and 10 thousand dollars, wow. Still I get the same enjoyment and benefit of exercise as they do, so HA!!! So, I’ll just ride on with my old aged body and my cheap bike 🙂

Night folks