Good Exercise Today

Pictures: Same old, same old pictures of the White-crowned Sparrow, nothing new. I do have these White-crowned Sparrows coming to my feeder area but that is the only birds coming by. It’ll have to do for now 🙂



Exercise: Well I rode the bike for 7 miles but a much harder trail today! It kind of kick my backside …. but still, it felt good and I enjoyed it tremendously.
I feel a little foolish sometimes out on the trail when I cross paths with the real mountain trail riders, usually much younger than I and on bike that cost twice as many thousands of dollars than my did hundreds of dollars. Bike that cost in between 5 and 10 thousand dollars, wow. Still I get the same enjoyment and benefit of exercise as they do, so HA!!! So, I’ll just ride on with my old aged body and my cheap bike 🙂

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Good Exercise Today

  1. They may have expensive bikes, but you’re out there, too, getting important exercise, at a far older age. No comparison, other than to hope they are as lucky as you to be in your situation when they reach your age. You are outside each day, exercising (when possible), taking and sharing superb nature photos, aiding local wildlife with food and water, traveling lightly on the planet, leaving few footprints, and staying fit. Who cannot be satisfied with that?

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    1. Thanks Don, Maybe they are, I think I would like that 🙂 I have been at about the 3500 feet elevation level for the last few weeks so maybe that is it.


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