8 thoughts on “Updating Windows

  1. Strange enough my PC autimaticslly updated to Windows 10 with ten seconds notice. Not wanting 10 cause I liked 7 I reversed the process and my PC died on me and after a week In the shop cost me over 100.00 to have 10 reloaded. Agh! Night!

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    1. Windows 10 got pretty aggressive about forcing updates. A shame that it cost you money 😦 I have had pretty fair luck with it but I don’t like that its has a lot of things to set if you care anything about privacy. Takes a good bit if time.

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    1. Thanks Hien, I have had it on both computer since it came out but on the older laptop I sometimes get behind on the big updates because I don’t use the older computer much. I too have had pretty good luck with it. I like my privacy and have to do a lot of setting on Windows 10 to fool myself into thinking I got a little, LOL. Over all, I like it fine.


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