Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Here are a few shots along my bike trail today, just for an ideal of what they look like. They are pretty rough for me and my street bike 🙂 I have more shots to post so tomorrow and maybe the next day will be photos along the trail.
As always you can click for the bigger picture.

Top left, you can see the RV in the distance.



Again you can see the RV, just to the left of the big rocks.

Exercise: I took the long bike trail today and I am going to say it was roughly 12 miles. My odometer said 11.68 and it is a bit behind my GPS or Google maps when I use them. There are a few spots along the way I have to get off and push but only a few feet each and I would guess that I push less than a half mile. Long hard ride for the old dude!!! But damn it felt good 🙂

Night folk