These Shots from along the Trail

Pictures: From along the bike trail in Kingman, AZ. The area has it’s beauty.



There are many areas with the rock that is eroded away in this manner. I see where bigger birds use the holes, maybe Hawks or Owls.


Exercise: I rode the bike 8.5 miles today. I had a little spill today …. Nothing major, just took off a like bark here and there, a few bandaids and I’ll as good as new 🙂 . You know, I think falling is a little tougher now than it use-to-be o_O

Night folks


6 thoughts on “These Shots from along the Trail

  1. Interesting about the holes in the rock. I am with you…I know from personal experiences that we don’t bounce back from falls like we did in our younger years. Hopefully you did not break anything. Bike and/or body.

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    1. Thank you, yes it hurts a bit more to fall now-a-days and takes a little more time to recover. Nothing broke (well … maybe a little pride :/ ) but all the bone are okay, and the bike is fine too 🙂 But maybe I walk for a day or two now, LOL.


  2. I’m glad you didn’t fall when you were on some of the trails you posted a day or two ago! And glad you are all right. I’d think falls are pretty common for bicyclists on those rocky trails.

    Love the huge rock formations. That’s beautiful country. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Barbara, Yes i think anyone that ride these trails very often will a a little spill now-and-again. Mind you, I am a lot more caution when near the cliffs 🙂


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