Old retro RV

Nothing: Yep, that is what is happening with me just now, nothing. I am in a area where the birds don’t come too near the RV (even if I do put out seeds and water) and my knees have been a little too sore to do much walking (that happens now and than) so I am just hanging out. I think tomorrow I will try to do some walking or bike riding and see how it feels.

The other day this cool looking RV came by and spend the night in the area. I wish I had gotten an opportunity to chat with the person or persons in it. Neat looking, don’t you think?


Computer: I have been playing around with free Cloud drives (don’t put much on them, I don’t have the bandwidth to play with uploading and downloading a lot of files) so I mostly just play and share a few files between devices. There are so many option for cloud storage now and free too( you don’t get a lot of data area but I don’t use much). I have tried OneNote which uses Onedive(this is a way for me to play with Microsoft One Drive without signing my computer into a Microsoft account, I just sign the OneNote app in. To use the One Drive straight out you need you computer sign into a Microsoft account and I don’t want to do that (At least this is the way I am understanding it). Than there’s Google drive too. I also play with Evernote, Sync, DropBox, Simplenote and Box. I think I like the ones that just store files and not the ones where you can work on or share things so much, in other words just storage. Something to do 🙂

Night folks

Kingman, AZ

Pictures: I have been enjoying my new area, it is a place I have been a few times now and I enjoy it each time I come here. I have not taken any pictures just yet but I’ll put a link to my Flickr album if you want to take a look. I hope to add some more while here.

Here is a link to my Kingman, AZ area album in Flickr.

Exercise : Sunday I did not do anything, yesterday(Monday) I walked for 2 .8 miles and today I rode the bike on the bike trails for about 7 miles. Neither the bike or I are made for these trails but I do enjoy riding them and it give me a great workout.

Last year when I was here I talked with some of the guys that came here to ride the trails and the cost of their bikes blew me away! They do a lot of racing here and riding for fun and it is a poplar area for trail-bikes so some of the best come here. Some of the bike have as much as 5 to 10 thousand in them …. amazing you ask me! This cost is a thing that seems to be normal for the folks that come to race. There has got to be some happy bicycle shops around here somewhere!!!!

Birds : I don’t see a lot of birds while I am in this area but I put out some seeds and the bird bath just in case 🙂

Night folks


Pictures: Today I walked down an old creek bed. I seen a good many birds but I didn’t have a long lens with me and even if I had of it would have not been likely to have gotten any good shots because the birds where shy and hid away quickly.

Not much water moving if any today.


I could tell by the rounded rocks that when it gets busy moving it moves fast.


Exercise: Today a did a total of 3.7 miles.

Night folks

More older shots

I am not getting many birds here in this area, well not coming to my feeder anyways. The only other way to get them is to pack up my gear and go looking, which takes a bit more motivation 🙄 especially in an area I’m not familiar with.
I do have a Scrub Jay coming by but it is shy as all get out and I can’t get to the camera fast enough, also I am about out of peanuts which is why it likes to visit 🙂

Pictures: A couple of older shots, Western Bluebird.


Exercise: Only walked two miles today.

Night folks

Sunset, and Santa Fe

Pictures: Here is a sunset from last night. There is a train track near me and a railroad bridge with a little water running under it which allows some different trees to grow than is normal for this area. At any rate they have some nice colors in them.

A bloody red sunset.


Santa Fe.


Little color.


Exercise: I walked 5 miles today but it was 4 walks 🙂

Night folks

Moved today

Pictures: New area.

Hiding away.

I set up a feeding area but I am not sure I will be here long enough to get any birds coming by.

Moved: I have moved today and I am near Ash Fork, AZ again, not sure how long I will stay.

Exercise: I walked for about 2.5 miles today.

Night folks