Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Forgive the picture taken in the strong sunlight but I wanted to show you the type of camping I’m doing. I like to camp in the desert with a little space around me but not be total isolated and this area gives me room while not leaving me out by myself. Here are some of the campers around and the space they give each other.

Again, please forgive the picture they are just mid day snaps.


Location: My new location seems to be making for better habits for me, I am falling into a better day-to-day functioning pattern. Exercising more and running the roads less (and eating out less ), all better for me 🙂 I do like most everything about this spot with the exception of being far away from a large box store (Walmart). Mind you, there is a K-mart, couple good grocery stores, hardware store and many others as near as 10 miles away but still they are not Walmart. So, this means that I will make the 120 mile round trip to Walmart about once a month if I can plan my shopping good enough to get all the things that I need at once.

Exercise: A good 15 mile ride on the bike today on the 4-wheeler trails. Not sure I’ll be able to keep riding the 4-wheeler trails because the winter crowd is showing up now, with lots more 4-wheelers and toys, so the trails are being used a lot more and are becoming very loose and soft making riding the bike harder and harder.

Night folks



Pictures: This area is good for watching sunsets.



Exercise: Had a good ride today on the bike, 10 miles on 4-wheeler trails. I think I am beginning to like the off road bike thing 🙂 . I am not, but if I was buying a new bike today it would be a mountain bike.

Weather: Today has been a bit overcast but with a good temperature. I am enjoying the mild weather and that is why I am here in this area near Blythe, CA.

Night folks

Last of the Light Houses

Pictures: Here is the last three pictures I got of the Mini Lighthouses. This is about half of them. A boat is needed to see some of them.






This seem to be a bulletin board about all the other light houses.


Weather: Well the weather has turned more normal now which is a bit chilly. I hate it when the weather does this ….. hot one day and cold the next(Big swing in temperatures). It is not really cold, just a little cool in the mornings. Though it does give me something to fuss about 😈

Exercise: I walked for a little over two miles today.

Night folks

Light House 5

Pictures: Two more Mini Light House from Lake Havasu.


Light House 30-P-20161113_HDR



Light House 28-P-20161113_HDR

Exercise: I took a couple days off after my 15 miles on the bike a few days back, but yesterday I rode the bike about 5.5 miles on the 4-wheelers trails and today I walked a couple miles.

Night folks

Light House 4

Pictures: Next two mini Light House around Lake Havasu.





Moved: I have moved to what will likely be my winter home for the next 2 to 4 months. It is a fairly peaceful place compare to most of the other in lower southwest AZ. I have winter here before so it is a old haunt. Lake Havasu is a great place but a little busy for my liking.

Night folks

Light Houses

Pictures: There are about 25 (Mini) Light Houses around Lake Havasu, many of them are replica of bigger ones located across the US. So …. if you see a Light house you know, it will be the Mini version on Lake Havasu. Here is a Link about Havasu Light Houses.

Oh, by the way these pictures are all from my Phone camera (Moto G4). Here is the first two.
Light-House-6-P-20161113_HDR Light-house-3-P-20161113_HDR

Exercise: Exercise is about the only thing I am doing right or keeping up with lately …… I rode the bike for the last three days, 10 miles, 8 miles yesterday, and 15 miles today while taking pictures of 13 Light Houses.

Night folks

More old shots

Pictures: Just a couple of shots I had not taken off the camera yet.

Bike trail in Kingman, AZ.


Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

Phone : Still liking my new phone and service so far. Hope it holds up for a couple of years.

Night folks