Pictures: Few More bike trail shots.

This part of one trail always made me pay attention 🙂


There were always nice parts to rest a bit.



Move: I have move to the Lake Havasu City area.

Night folks


7 thoughts on “Moved

  1. Finally making your way south! Temps are coming down, so your timing will be perfect. My dental appt – URGGG! I need a root canal and crown replacement on a back molar, so won’t be back to Q until later in the month. Such a Bummer! But I’ll see you when I’m there.

    I don’t think I’d like to ride on that trail – too rocky!! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful photos again. …I spent some time in Lake Havasu. Looking forward to your pictures from there.
    That one part of your bike trail was really scary to bike on, but the rest of the trail made up for it.

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    1. Thanks, not sure what I will get for pictures here, I don’t go down to the lake much and that is where the good stuff is, I think. If you look back in my blog you will find other post of Lake Havasu with photos of this and thats.

      I added a map to the last post of the trails and added some of my rides I took on it, if you want to see some of them check the updated post 🙂


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