Time of Year

Internet break: I kind of get a little burned out this time of year and have a tendency to fade away for a spell. Just one day I don’t post and then I just don’t get back to posting for a while.

I have not been doing much, just kind of hanging out. I did get a new Cell Phone, a Moto G4. I had the Home Connect device from Verizon for about 3 or 4 years and finally decided I wanted a cell phone again, something I could carry in my pocket. Not that I am all that crazy about having a phone with me but I do like my data with me. Many times over the last few years I would just grab my tablet and Verizon MiFi device and take all that with me when I wanted that data and now I can just put my data in my pocket(the phone that is). I am doing the prepaid with Straight Talk and I ported my number over, so I hope all goes well with that. It took a day or two for everything to get to working right on the Moto G4/Straight Talk but it seems to be doing good now. I made sure that I got the CDMA (Verizon Towers) version of things.

The Moto G4 is a budget phone in the smart phone lineup, but I am really liking it so far 🙂

Pictures: I have not taken any pictures for a week now. But here are a couple of shots I got of a Black-throated Sparrow while I was in my last spot, near Kingman, AZ.



Exercise: I have been hit and miss on my exercise of late but today I loaded my bike into the truck before going into the city and did about 10 miles on the bike once I got there.

Night folks