Friend’s Saying

Friend’s Saying: This post is about my phone change over form the Home Connect Device to a Smartphone and as I put away the old stuff that it took to make my Home connect work in the RV, this saying that my friend likes to use came to mind about myself …….. It ain’t easy being me! LOL.

Pictures: Before and after 🙂

This is what it took to run my Home Connect (picture below). Front left is the DC to AC power inverted(remember I am in my RV running on solar) so everything had to run on DC. (Note: I do have a large inverted but only run it when I need larger items powered.) Next, The Home connect itself with it AC to DC power supply, this would have been better if they made it DC only, it is the square device on the left above the AC to DC inverted. Of course you must have a home phone to plug into the Home Connect and they come with AC to DC power supply. Lastly is the DC plugin adapter with a long cord to the right of the phone.


How it all connected, 1.Plug the DC plug w/extension in the RV’s DC outlet, 2. Plug the DC to AC converter into the DC extension, 3. Plug the AC 1 to 3 adapter into the DC to AC converter, 4. Plug both the phone’s and the Home Connect’s AC to DC power supplies into the AC 1 to 3 plug. Lastly plug the phone wire from the phone into the Home Connect. Now all I had to do was to keep it together. So …. I put everything in the blue container (which I made a lid for and set the Home Connect and phone on top secured with Velcro. So with all that done all I had to do to move it from one room to another room in the RV (or take it to my truck if I wanted a phone on the road) was to pull the DC plug from the RV and move the blue box to where I wanted the phone and plug it back in. Simple right??????? No ….. ???

Okay, maybe that is why I got the smart phone 😉 Also if I wanted to take my Data on the road with me when I left the RV I had to take the MiFi Device and a tablet with me, now I just take the Smartphone. One downside to the smart phone (even with prepaid on Straight Talk) is that it cost me $20.00 more a month.

Note: For other RVers that might want to keep their cost down on phones w/data and such. The Straight Talk phone plan is $45.00 a month and has unlimited talk and text and 5 gig of data (at 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up, if you put it on the CDMA side of Straight Talk, which is best for the most coverage area) after you use 5 gigs it drops to 2G speeds. Note: If you can live with a little less coverage, the AT &T side of Straight Talk is faster. I just did a speed test on the phone and it pretty much reflects these numbers. I also did a speed test on the MiFi device (Verizon) and it was a bit faster at (9 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up) but I am happy enough with the speed of the phone at 5 and 2 Mbps.

The simple life 🙂


Night folks