Light Houses

Pictures: There are about 25 (Mini) Light Houses around Lake Havasu, many of them are replica of bigger ones located across the US. So …. if you see a Light house you know, it will be the Mini version on Lake Havasu. Here is a Link about Havasu Light Houses.

Oh, by the way these pictures are all from my Phone camera (Moto G4). Here is the first two.
Light-House-6-P-20161113_HDR Light-house-3-P-20161113_HDR

Exercise: Exercise is about the only thing I am doing right or keeping up with lately …… I rode the bike for the last three days, 10 miles, 8 miles yesterday, and 15 miles today while taking pictures of 13 Light Houses.

Night folks


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  1. That brings back memories. I walked around the island to see most of the lighthouses. Did not do all of them, but it certainly was interesting. Thanks for posting the link as well.

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