Last of the Light Houses

Pictures: Here is the last three pictures I got of the Mini Lighthouses. This is about half of them. A boat is needed to see some of them.






This seem to be a bulletin board about all the other light houses.


Weather: Well the weather has turned more normal now which is a bit chilly. I hate it when the weather does this ….. hot one day and cold the next(Big swing in temperatures). It is not really cold, just a little cool in the mornings. Though it does give me something to fuss about 😈

Exercise: I walked for a little over two miles today.

Night folks

6 thoughts on “Last of the Light Houses

  1. I had forgotten why I had not gone to see all of the light houses. But you just told me why. ….I needed a boat to do that.
    I have enjoyed this series of the light houses.

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