Hanging out

Just a few lines to say hello to everyone. I am just chilling out and not doing much of anything, Photo wise, exercise or even going place, I guess I am just stored up for the winter. I kind of did the same thing about this time last year too.

The Weather has been kind of rainy for the area, as it is even rainy today. It seems to me to be wetter this year, could just be me. The rain hurts my bones “says the old dude” I like the dry weather but I sure appreciate rain holding down the dust.

I hope everyone’s holidays are going well.

Happy New Years Folks 🙂

Rain coming to an end

Pictures: A sunset from back near the first of the month, it has been too cloudy the last few days for sunsets. Maybe tonight there will be one …..


Weather: Well we have had some rainy weather over the last few days but I think it is all coming to an end. This morning it rain pretty hard but I have sunshine now ….. although it is bit windy this afternoon. I sure am enjoying the solar power from the sun 🙂 I miss it when it is not around.


Merry Christmas everyone.

Night folks

Cloudy days

Pictures: We had one really rainy day (lots of rain, really helps to hold down the dust) and now we are having a few cloudy ones.


Cloudy day and lots of quartz in the foreground. (All the white rocks are quartz)

Exercise: I am managing a short walk each day but nothing more.

Night folks

Sunset …… 99?

Pictures: Sunsets, I guess for now it is my thing, very relaxing! 🙂



Weather: We are getting a little rain (sprinkling for now and I am hoping it will rain a little harder) and that is surely a good thing! As always the area needs it and for me personally, I like the ideal of settling the dust! It has been very dusty of late 🙂

Night folks