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Pictures: I am still having some strange things with my Avatar. When I respond to a comment I see that my Avatar in the reply comment has a star in the lower right corner, anyone know why and what it means? The comment area of my blog is the only place I see this.

Capture Anyone know what the star is about?



Exercise: I’ve been walking 2 miles about every day, not a lot of exercise.

Night folks


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    1. It seem to be only in my reply to comments on my blog. I can’t keep up with what things mean in this day and time ( symbols and such ) and I like to make sure I’m not saying something crazy and not know it! LOL

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  1. No idea – I did a search on it, and nothing came up. I “liked” a couple of the above comments to see if that would change anything, and it didn’t. Maybe it’s there because you “liked” the comments? There’s a blue star by the notice “Liked by 1 person.” ???

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    1. LOL, I tried the liking and not liking too but it don’t seem to matter ??? I see in the android app reader there are other things by the Gravatars of other people, like when someone leaves me a comment theirs will have a comment box. That looks right, but the star ……… LOL.


    1. Thanks, know what you mean about WordPress, most of the time I understand what is happening but than it will do something that makes no sense at all. I seem to have more trouble with the “likes” than anything else. By the way, I just love the Name RvChickadee 🙂

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  2. Maybe this star is because you are the Admin ot the site, if you don’t see it while you have added comments on other blogs, and it is visible only on some themes ?

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    1. Thanks, that helps, in that it tells me it is something meant only for my eyes. When I look at my Avatar in the reply back to you I see the Avatar with the red star like in the posted image above. Odd that I only see it, guess it is trying to tell me something 🙂


    1. Thanks for letting me know, I have search a good bit but see nothing that helped me understand it. You are the first to tell that they too see it. Some have suggested the WordPress Chat help but I have the free account and it don’t allow me to chat with the techs 😦 Maybe one day I’ll figure it out!

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      1. It may have to do with the theme that you chose for your blog, perhaps th star is there to indicate that you are the blog owner. Try leaving a comment on my blog, or point me to a blog where you left a comment recently and I’ll let you know if I see it anywhere else other than your blog, if not, then it is the theme that you chose.

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