Well here we are in 2017! Resolution time …… yes? My resolution is to get back to eating better and lose some weight …… again :/ This is a on going fight for me and I guess it always will be. Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose the weight and than just forget about it and stay the same weight? So many of us fat folk have tried that so many times to no avail ……. no matter how many times we try!!! 😦

One of the things I am going to try to do is to drink more water even though I drink a gallon a day now. I unfortunately drink a lot of other garbage too, like diet soda pop and tea sweetened with artificial sweetener. So my approach to this is going to be if I drink a soda pop or glass of tea I will drink two glasses of water. I always start the day with two glasses of water, so after having my two waters I will have a tea but then it will be back to two waters with my new plan of attack. I started that this morning ….. maybe a side benefit to this method will be a full feeling which would be great, feeling full means I don’t want to eat.

Still not founding anything to get me excited about shooting the camera for now, hopefully this will pass soon. There is always things to shoot, one must just find the fun of it.

Oh, we must all remember to move our clock forward one leap second! LOL. For me good time keeping is a couple of minutes one way or the other for an hour! From Wikipedia ” Since this system of correction was implemented in 1972, 27 leap seconds have been inserted”. You know in my life now-a-days daylight and dark is about all I need 🙂

Night folks


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  1. Hello John,
    Since you want to increase your water intake, just be sure that you do not wash out all your electrodes.
    Take some vitamins too.

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