Nice Sunset

Pictures: One of the most photo opportunities here is the great sunsets, here are a couple more Sunset.



Exercise: Still just doing my two miles, as I did today.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Nice Sunset

    1. Thanks, I too have that “used to” going on 🙂 I have slow down a bit but I do need to do more. I figure if I don’t stop all together that I can work back up a bit. ….. hopefully!

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      1. I had to stop cause I twisted my ancle hiking and had a partial Achilles tendon tear in my right foot… had to wear a ugly boot for 3 weeks to be able to walk without crutches then whenever I walked it got inflamed and felt like a hot wire down my heel… I think I am back and ready but now its winter and well very COLD and I cant get motivated… time to get in RV fulltime and follow the warm weather.

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      2. So sorry to hear you got a twisted ankle while hiking, sounds painful 😦 I hope it don’t give you any more problems. The cooler weather is not motivating to me either. The big thing for me is keep up the motivation, kind of like my losing weight which I had done a couple of time but it is so hard to keep at it to keep it off! I guess we just got to keep up the good fight 🙂


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