Things Getting Green

Pictures: There are a couple of the plants around here that are starting to green up. Maybe it is all the rain or I just had not notice them starting to green up this early in the past.

Cactus, this one gets a beautiful bloom on it, which will happen in a matter of weeks! I take pictures of them every year.
I am pretty sure the first picture in this post is the same plant and I took this shot last March.

Flowering Plant, this plant has nice yellow flowers on it later on.


Exercise: I did my two miles.

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Things Getting Green

    1. Thank you, after you saying it, I remember the name of the first πŸ™‚ I looked it up after taking pictures of the blooms that it gets which are beautiful. The other one is not a Creosote Bush (there are lots of Creosote around). This post has a picture of the bloom the second one gets, I took this shot last year. I think it is a Angelita Daisy.


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