Pictures: Just a couple more sunsets, it’s all I got …. for now 🙂



Internet: My internet is acting up a bit now that all the visitors are coming in packs now. The Wireless towers take a pretty good lick every year about this time. Quartzsite, AZ is a town of about 2000 people but it can have as many as a million people visit in a years time with most of those folks coming in Jan and Feb, in their RV’s. Read more about Quartzsite, AZ here. At any rate it puts a load on the wireless towers and I can tell by the the way my MiFi device and phone behaves. Well, maybe that is right …… I am about 12 miles or so from Quartzsite and maybe I am on different towers but no matter, same effect because this area is busy too.

Exercise: Just my usual 2 miles.

Night folks


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    1. The stand alone hot spot and the Smartphone data is the same cost 😦 Also it is the same connection. One of the bad things about being wireless is the cost, but if you want to live in a RV and park in off the wall places, like me, it is what you got to have 🙂

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  1. You do photograph some real good sunsets. I am jealous. To many trees in my area, but even so, we do not have the spectacular sun rises and sunsets.
    I think I am going to follow your example of regular walking and some biking. I really need to.

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    1. Thank you, I am lucky to be in an area that offer some nice sunsets. I started exercise about 20 year ago and have not stop, now if I could only control my eating as well!


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