I want Sunshine!

Pictures: The cloudy days are staying around for a while, not why I come here! The good thing is, it will pass πŸ™‚

If I want to see a bird out my window ….. :/


In all fairness I do get to watch Hummers when it is not real windy like today. On windy days, I have to set my Humming feeder on the ground to keep the wind from rocking it back and froth causing all the sugar water to spill out. This sugar water would end up on the side of my RV.
Mind you, if I was not in such a homebody mode when I was here in my winter area, I am sure there are areas not far away that would be pretty good birding places if I got out and about.


Exercise: It is already 3:30 pm and I have not did any exercise, not sure I will get to that today.

Solar: There has been a couple of days in a row now with little to no sunshine, I may have to get out the generator for a while tonight. I don’t very often have to do that with my solar system on the RV. I have about 520 watts of solar on the roof and 4 batteries to store the power in which is about right for my needs. In the RV solar game some folks need/want/have far more and some need/want/have far less, all depends on how you use things and your needs/wants. I think that I am likely in the middle of the road with my system. I do see a lot of folks that have half or less but than I see them use their generators far more (sometimes not always). I see some that have twice as much and still run a generator a lot (sometimes not always). I find few folks that are at just the right amount for their needs. I think solar is kind of like money …. the more you got the more you spend, the more solar you have the more you use πŸ™‚

Internet : My connection continues to be problematic, with all the folks around. Could be that the weather is not helping much today.

Night folks


11 thoughts on “I want Sunshine!

  1. One more BIG storm coming through beginning Sat. night here in Calif. You’ll probably get the tail end of that.

    It’s interesting reading about your solar power situation. I’d probably use it all and then some surfing the net, streaming movies, and reading blogs, and emails.

    There’s supposed to be a break between storms tomorrow. I hope to get out and walk up a few hills to stretch my legs. I hope to get in 3 miles of hills. Maybe you’ll get some exercise in too.

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    1. You need to start cutting that bad weather off before it gets to me πŸ™‚ Here is the southwest I still get so much sunshine that a few bad days ain’t bad!

      Right now solar is not too costly and you can really put a lot on if you have the room on your RV but ….. it is not like having electric all the time, you got to give up some things and change a few things but it is very doer-able. I spend lots of time on the computer (Lab-top) and watch a good bit of TV in the evening and normally have plenty power left over but a couple days of clouds in a row, makes me have to fire up the generator, which is no big deal. Today is beautiful with lots of solar power coming in πŸ™‚

      I am enjoying the break in weather at this very moment, feels nice! After missing two days of exercise it felt good to get out this morning.

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      1. We have a break today too. A heavy storm is coming tonight and will rain all night and tomorrow they say.
        I got out for a couple of miles up and down some hills before lunch. It does feel good to stretch the legs!


  2. Well, I want sunshine to, but here is it winter and we have 6-8Β°C, about 42-46Β°F, and dingy. That bird book look big, itΒ΄s like that I bought with all Sweden’s bird.

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