More Dead Stuff

Pictures: More dead stuff.

I see all kinds of faces in this one, see anyone you know?



Exercise: Still walking 🙂

Night folks


8 thoughts on “More Dead Stuff

  1. Uncle Timmo! OMG! He died 4 years ago and we had him stuffed to be a scare crow in the meadow of Auntie Geraldine. Until he was stolen a year ago. And look! (follows some swearing that cannot be put in virtual print) Uncle Timmo… He hasn’t changed one bit. (Can we have him back please?)

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    1. Thanks Frank, to be honest I have not put much effect into these at all :/ I could have took a longer lens and backed up a bit and took most of the background out on both these shots, but I have been a bit lazy this winter 😦 Hopefully I’ll get out of my sorriness soon 🙂

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