Rain yet again

Pictures: Just a couple shots showing the rainy day.

The sky looks just like this today, a bit grey for sure but hey it is still nice and green 🙂



Weather: Rain yet again here in the desert, the amount of rain this year has amazed me a bit. The years I have been here before didn’t have near as much rain. It is a good thing pretty much all around for a couple of reason. one; the area can always use more rain(it is the desert 🙂 ) and two it helps keep the dust down.
Update; It has rain all day and it’s still raining.

Exercise: It is early in the day just now but I am going to say I will not be exercising today. The old joints are fussing at me today so I will give them a rest. Hips, shoulder, back, ankles, wrists and knees, that Author is such a constant friend on these rainy days *%$#(*!!! That is okay he will calm down when it warms up a bit 🙂

Night folks


Redo of a Photo

Pictures: Here is a shot that I posted yesterday reworked a bit in Photoshop. I use the graduated tool in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to darken the sky a bit in both of these shot. Nothing special about these shots just playing a bit.

Yesterday’s shot reworked.


This was another shot that had a blown sky.


Linux: I installed Ubuntu on my old computer a couple of days ago. I know very little about Linux but I like to play sometimes and I had the extra bandwidth left over on this month allotment of data, so I downloaded it (1.4 gig) and made a duel boot system on the old computer. Should keep me entertained for a while.

Exercise: Got in a good cross country bike ride of about 8.5 miles today, felt good.

Weather: It has been just the best, but it is to warm up a bit soon. I guess it is getting time for some warmer weather with March coming upon us fast.

Night folks

Cactus Blooms a-coming

Pictures: It still amazes me as to how green it is this year.


Should not be long before the Cactus start to put on a show for us 🙂

Starting to see more and more of these.

Weather : The weather has been pretty dang good I think. It will be fun to see what all the rain we had, will bring out of the desert.

Exercise : I walked two miles today.

Night folks

The Small but First Ones

Pictures: These little flowers are about half the size of a dine but they are the flowers I see first each year. I once looked up the name of this flower but I have forgotten 😦 I am not sure but I think it is a Scorpion Weed of some type.



Weather: Most of the days have been 70° plus over the last few days but today it is a little cooler with a high of 65°. I see in the forecast that by the first part of March we’ll have some highs in the mid 80s and I wonder why it can’t always be a high of 75° and a low of 50° ….. I guess that is just a bit much to ask for, LOL. It sure would be nice though!

Knee Replacement: Today is my new knee’s birthday, it just turn 7,   I took it out for a nice two mile walk! 

Night folks

Some old shots of Butterflies

Pictures: Couple old shots, these are near 10 years old. The gear use to take this shot was Camera-Canon EOS 20D DSLR, Lens-Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS and a Canon Extender EF 1.4X II. I still have all that old stuff 🙂 The Camera may be a little long in years but the Lens and Extender I may use at any time, still.



Orange Sulphur.


Weather: The rain continues, it rain most of last night but hopefully this will not last much longer, however it is very overcast and dark looking for today. I talk with a friend in Yuma, AZ this morning and he said that he had a little sunshine peeping though so maybe it’ll work it’s way north to this area. The weather man says mostly sunny tomorrow 🙂

Exercise: I walk for a couple of miles today, yesterday was a rainy day off!

Sunshine: Well it is about 1 pm and the sun has pop out behind the clouds, nice to see it and love watching my solar power do it’s thing to my battery storage bank, Hope it stays out!

Night folks


Pictures: Rain, these shots are just to show the weather for today just snaps.

Real standing water in the desert 🙂

Clouds in the mountains or ……. mountains in the clouds ❓


This shot has the little bump in all my sunsets you see from this area but today nothing but clouds behind the little bump.

Weather: We have a steady rain today which started last night around midnight. It is nice to see the dust settle ❗

Exercise: It has pretty much rained all day, so I didn’t get out today.

Night folks

Green here

Pictures: This year is a bit different here in the lower desert (at least in this area), different in that there is a light coat of grass and that is not a thing you see much in the desert. Sadly this won’t last long as the sun heats things up in the next weeks the green will be gone.





Night folks