Sundown and Sunup

Pictures: Here is last night’s sunset and this morning’s sunrise.


Sunrise over Parker, AZ.

Exercise : Rode the bike today for 8.5 miles, cross country style on the 4 wheeler trails.

Night folks


17 thoughts on “Sundown and Sunup

  1. Striking imagery John. 😎 That’s what dust in the air does. As a dusty country, we get such wonderful displays too sometimes! Cheers from mild but sunny and breezy Melbourne Australia today. πŸ”†

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  2. Nice shots John. I especially like the reds. I’ve often wondered if one was not familiar with the landmarks in a photo if they would know if the photo was a sunrise or a sunset.

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    1. Hi Judy and thanks, it hurts a bit more now-a-days but I keep trying πŸ™‚ Some of the trails around here are soft too but I try to find the hard pack ones to ride the bike.


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