Weather, and thinking ahead

No pictures today.

The weather here has been warm to very good. It is now time to start thinking of what spring and summer will bring, as in where I will go for the summer months. It is still a month or so out but I am thinking on it. When it is time to get started I will move to somewhere where the elevation is around 4000 feet or so to spend the spring time. As summer sets in I will look at areas 6000 to 9000 feet. This has pretty much became my pattern over the last few years and I like doing it like that. I look for weather that gives me night temperatures of around 50° and day temperatures in the 70° to 85° range. Of course life don’t always give me the things I want so I may miss by a few degrees :/ Needless this is the gold.

Oh, one other thing that I want to find other than good weather is some good birding 🙂

Yesterday I worked on the RV roof again and I am about done with that job (so glad). I need to check out a few more things on the RV before I get on the road for the summer.

I had not exercised for two days so I started today with a 2 mile walk, much-needed.

Verizon new unlimited plan! Ouch, has any of you folks try to read all the new rules to this plan? I have read the forums on this new plan and it is hard to understand and a lot of unknowns of rather rules will be enforced or might be enforced, LOL. On the surface it looks like a fine new plan but the fine print can be a little confusing, to say the least! One of the things that could be a problem is that in the fine print when roaming on other networks it goes to 2G (unusable for internet). Than there is the only 10 gig of high-speed (4G) as a hot spot, as in using your computer/table and such on it.

Night folks