Pictures: Rain, these shots are just to show the weather for today just snaps.

Real standing water in the desert 🙂

Clouds in the mountains or ……. mountains in the clouds ❓


This shot has the little bump in all my sunsets you see from this area but today nothing but clouds behind the little bump.

Weather: We have a steady rain today which started last night around midnight. It is nice to see the dust settle ❗

Exercise: It has pretty much rained all day, so I didn’t get out today.

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Rainy

    1. Kind of 🙂 I always think if I ever stop RNing I would like to buy one of the cargo shipping containers (8X40 feet) and make a tiny home out of it. I have seen some on the internet that I would be happy and proud to live in. My RV is about 30 feet long with a 12X3 slide out, so I think that would be a fair trade off. Two things I would add for sure, One; a washer and dryer, Two; a storage shed or two, some place to work and piddle around. I think maybe I would like to be totally off grid too, as in no power(solar instead), city water(maybe a well), cable or phone line. I sure would miss being able to move my house though, LOL.

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      1. Many of the tiny homes are on wheels actually. I hope to live in one someday. I follow a bunch of them on Instagram. There are so many different kinds, it’s quite amazing. I can’t even decide the best way to go. I’m downsizing already in preparation. And yes, being mobile is a plus. Many things to think about. You live all year long in your RV right?

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      2. I think the tiny homes on wheel (or at least the ones I have seen are smaller than most/many RVs). It is neat to see what folks have come up with in the tiny houses.
        Yes I am full-time RVing, I have been for about 9.5 years now and I have loved every minute of it 🙂


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