The Small but First Ones

Pictures: These little flowers are about half the size of a dine but they are the flowers I see first each year. I once looked up the name of this flower but I have forgotten šŸ˜¦ I am not sure but I think it is a Scorpion Weed of some type.



Weather: Most of the days have been 70Ā° plus over the last few days but today it is a little cooler with a high of 65Ā°. I see in the forecast that by the first part of March we’ll have some highs in the mid 80s and I wonder why it can’t always be a high of 75Ā° and a low of 50Ā° ….. I guess that is just a bit much to ask for, LOL. It sure would be nice though!

Knee Replacement: Today is my new knee’s birthday, it just turn 7,   I took it out for a nice two mile walk! 

Night folks


9 thoughts on “The Small but First Ones

  1. Seems like the tiniest of flowers are so perfect and lovely. Congrats on the knee; may it provide mobility for you for many, many years to come. My hip is envious! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. I enjoy the least bit of color I see out here in the desert, these little flowers always start the show šŸ™‚ The knee has serve me well so far. I too have other parts that are envious of that knee šŸ˜¦ All part of the later half of life I guess šŸ™‚

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