Rain yet again

Pictures: Just a couple shots showing the rainy day.

The sky looks just like this today, a bit grey for sure but hey it is still nice and green 🙂



Weather: Rain yet again here in the desert, the amount of rain this year has amazed me a bit. The years I have been here before didn’t have near as much rain. It is a good thing pretty much all around for a couple of reason. one; the area can always use more rain(it is the desert 🙂 ) and two it helps keep the dust down.
Update; It has rain all day and it’s still raining.

Exercise: It is early in the day just now but I am going to say I will not be exercising today. The old joints are fussing at me today so I will give them a rest. Hips, shoulder, back, ankles, wrists and knees, that Author is such a constant friend on these rainy days *%$#(*!!! That is okay he will calm down when it warms up a bit 🙂

Night folks


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