Weed and Sunset

Pictures: Just a weed and sunset.

There are a lot of these weeds around.


This sunset did not have lots of color but I like that the sunset part was behind the mountain and the low clouds were in front of the mountain.


Exercise: I walk two miles today, nice walk with a couple folks camping here in the area.

Night folks

Bush and Bird

Pictures: Here is a shot of the bushes that were blooming and a Black-throated Sparrow.

Bush blooming, these are about done booming.

Black-throated Sparrow that would not let me get too close, so this is a pretty heavy crop.

Exercise: I walked two miles yesterday and took today off, the knee is fussing a bit.

Night Folks

Clouds and Rain

Pictures: Here today it is very cloudy and raining so I look back a bit and here are couple shots from Parker, one sunrise and one sunset.

Sunrise over Parker, AZ.

Sunset Parker, Az. This is another from one of a favorite evenings.

Exercise: I walk only about a mile today … The rain.

Weather: Cloudy, cold and rainy, the heat wave is over!

Night folks

Wild Flowers

Pictures: Just some wild flowers around here.



Exercise: I walked a couple miles today.

Internet/Phone: I have changed my plan again. For a long time now I have had a deal with Verizon for 20 gigs of data a month, and I have been using Straight talk for my phone. Today I sign up for the new Unlimited Verizon plan, Unlimited has a few limits unfortunately 😦 LOL. I was very aware of all the details before signing up. The main reason I took this deal is that it is less than I was paying with both the phone and the data now. Paying less is better!
My worries and what it will be. Verizon says ……. That you get 22 gigs before they may de-prioritize your speed depending on tower congestion. Also if you use your phone as a hot spot or have a MiFi device added to your plan you get the first 10 gig at 4G speed and than slowed to 3G (which they call 600Kbps) for the rest of your use. Now …… 🙂 here is the deal, folks that signed up for this plan a month ago are saying that they are not being slow down in either case …… so we will see how things go! If they do slow me down I will see if I can live with it and if not I will be on the hunt for other deals which I know are out there!
If you want to read about the plan just google Verizon New Unlinited Plan and you’ll get all kinds of info on it.

Night folks

Couple of Birds

Pictures: A couple shots of a Mocking bird that would not let me get too close but mocked every song it knew. The first shot is a White Crowned Sparrow.

White Crowned Sparrow.


Mocking Bird.


Mocking Bird.


Birding: I did not get many good shots with the camera but seen a few, Mocking Bird, White Crowned Sparrows, Saga Sparrows, Jays and Nat-catchers.

Exercise: I walk about two miles while out birding this morning.

Camera Gear: After last year’s investment I was not likely to invest in any new gear for a couple of years but I did do a little one 🙂
While in Parker, AZ I met up with Martshal (Great person) who use to have some SLR gear but no longer had it but did still have one piece that he offered to me at a great price! A Cotton Carrier 635RTL Camera Vest for 1 Camera and I did buy this! Thank you so much Martshal! Martshal has a blog or two John Q. McVanGuy and Clownsville . Go give him a look!

I have been trying the Vest out on short walks but today I took it for a two mile birding walk that was about two hours in time and it was very helpful indeed! I usually don’t carry the camera with a long lens that kind of time but the vest made for a ease go with the heavy gear. I am very happy with it, especially with the deal Martshal give me 🙂 As a mater of fact if I had to buy this new …. I just would not because it is costly as you can see from the link, but after using it for a while, I don’t see how I have done without it all these years! Again thank you Martshal!

Note; There are much cheaper version of this gear but I have no ideal how it compares to the real Cotton Carrier units, like the one I have.

Night folks