Weed and Sunset

Pictures: Just a weed and sunset.

There are a lot of these weeds around.


This sunset did not have lots of color but I like that the sunset part was behind the mountain and the low clouds were in front of the mountain.


Exercise: I walk two miles today, nice walk with a couple folks camping here in the area.

Night folks


Bush and Bird

Pictures: Here is a shot of the bushes that were blooming and a Black-throated Sparrow.

Bush blooming, these are about done booming.

Black-throated Sparrow that would not let me get too close, so this is a pretty heavy crop.

Exercise: I walked two miles yesterday and took today off, the knee is fussing a bit.

Night Folks

Clouds and Rain

Pictures: Here today it is very cloudy and raining so I look back a bit and here are couple shots from Parker, one sunrise and one sunset.

Sunrise over Parker, AZ.

Sunset Parker, Az. This is another from one of a favorite evenings.

Exercise: I walk only about a mile today … The rain.

Weather: Cloudy, cold and rainy, the heat wave is over!

Night folks