Many Poppies

Pictures: Just more poppies, there are everywhere.



Exercise: Another 9 mile bike ride today.

Night folks


Color in the Desert

Pictures: I took a ride on the bike today and seen a good bit of color popping up in the desert.

Forgive the pictures (Mid-day and with a phone).

Poppy hillside, this was about a 100X25 feet and I could see it from a long ways off.

These Poppy and Scorpion Weeds mixed make for a nice bouquet. (They looked a lot better to the eye than to the phone 😦 )

Exercise: Got in a good ride of about 9.2 miles and then took the bike out later to get to 10 miles for the day 🙂

Night folks

This was yesterday’s post, just forgot to hit the post button 😦