On the Move

Pictures: Could be the last of the flowers for while, not sure what my next stop will have.



Moving: Today I packed up and left.

Landing gear: Well the motor and gearbox on my RV is shot, so I have stopped in Quartzsite, AZ to get parts when the RV parts house opens tomorrow. Looks like I will need a motor and the gearbox, not sure how much that will cost me. I looked online and for the “how-to” and it seems to be a job I can do ….. we’ll see 🙂 . I hope the parts place has the part in stock.




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    1. Thanks Hien, I got it fixed yesterday morning, the job was not too hard and the part cost me about $220.00 . Ended up needing only the motor and not the gear box. It is working fine now 🙂
      Oh by the way, you ask me about the colors of the poppies …. I was only seeing the yellow ones in the area I was in but on the way over here Camp Verda, AZ I seen a lot of orange color ones. They where on the sides of the road and I never found a good spot to park the RV to get pictures. Many where in large patches and there were beautiful indeed.

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    1. Thanks Alix. I got it done 🙂 I had to replace the motor but the gearbox was Okay, so all is well. It was not a hard job to replace.


    1. Hi Barbara, it is for the landing gear. It is the legs the RV stands on when unhooked from the truck and the motor and gearbox are used to lift and lower the trailer for leveling and connecting/unconnecting the truck. The weather here in Camp Verda is beautiful today 🙂


    1. Hey Judy, likely not, I am in Camp Verda, AZ for now and will likely move from this area to Flagstaff area and I am not sure I will get to NM this year but maybe.


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