Settle In

Pictures: I have move to the Cottonwood/Camp Verda area. Maybe some of you remember me being here last spring or last fall. This is the area where they have Hot air Balloon Rides and I was treated to one flying over this morning. If you are interested in riding in one Here is a link to all the information about it.

I was out for a walk this morning and this one was landing just as I got back. You can see the “chasers” ( the folks with truck and van to pick up the balloon and passengers after landing) in these shots. I was about a mile away. I am lucky to be parked near an area where they often land 🙂

Coming in for the landing.


Hold her down boys!



Weather : I moved here to get away from the heat wave and the weather is prefect here now, but I will pay for that when the heat wave passes and the temperature drops back down a bit. I don’t believe it will stay cold long though.

Exercise: I walk for two miles this morning, after no exercise for two days with the repairs and traveling. Felt good to get out 🙂

Night folks


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      1. Me neither! On rare occasions, they come close to where I live as they fly over the city. They announce themselves with the short whoosh sound when the heat is turned on, to raise them. I’ve seen some made from weird designs, like a pot of beer or a house etc. I am always reminded of Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, I think. Fun! 🎈

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    1. For Sure!! I guess they do this every day year round so I am betting the guys that fly that Balloon are mighty good at putting it where he wants it. I hope so anyways ….. 🙂

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