Couple of Birds

Pictures: A couple shots of a Mocking bird that would not let me get too close but mocked every song it knew. The first shot is a White Crowned Sparrow.

White Crowned Sparrow.


Mocking Bird.


Mocking Bird.


Birding: I did not get many good shots with the camera but seen a few, Mocking Bird, White Crowned Sparrows, Saga Sparrows, Jays and Nat-catchers.

Exercise: I walk about two miles while out birding this morning.

Camera Gear: After last year’s investment I was not likely to invest in any new gear for a couple of years but I did do a little one 🙂
While in Parker, AZ I met up with Martshal (Great person) who use to have some SLR gear but no longer had it but did still have one piece that he offered to me at a great price! A Cotton Carrier 635RTL Camera Vest for 1 Camera and I did buy this! Thank you so much Martshal! Martshal has a blog or two John Q. McVanGuy and Clownsville . Go give him a look!

I have been trying the Vest out on short walks but today I took it for a two mile birding walk that was about two hours in time and it was very helpful indeed! I usually don’t carry the camera with a long lens that kind of time but the vest made for a ease go with the heavy gear. I am very happy with it, especially with the deal Martshal give me 🙂 As a mater of fact if I had to buy this new …. I just would not because it is costly as you can see from the link, but after using it for a while, I don’t see how I have done without it all these years! Again thank you Martshal!

Note; There are much cheaper version of this gear but I have no ideal how it compares to the real Cotton Carrier units, like the one I have.

Night folks