Little Flowers

Pictures: Lots of these little guys around the desert.



Exercise: I walked a bit today.

Verizon Unlimited: Okay, trying to learn the ways of the new plan ……. Today I got an email from Verizon saying they would indeed be slowing you down to 3G speeds when going over 10 GIG on a external device other than the phone, so I decided to try turning off the MiFi device and turned on the Hot-spot on the phone and bang I have good speeds again 🙂 However I don’t know if that will hold or not. We’ll see, need be I can get by on the 3G speeds.

Part of the email from Verizon.
“We’ve noticed that you use more than 10 GB of data each month on your Internet device (Jetpack/router/Home Fusion Broadband). So, we wanted to remind you that, consistent with our Verizon Unlimited Plan terms & conditions, when you exceed 10 GB on that device during your monthly bill cycle in the future, your data speeds will slow down to a maximum of 3G speeds. 4G speed will be restored when your monthly bill cycle begins again.”

Night folks