Sea Horse Flower?

Pictures: I have no ideal what this flower is but I want to call it the Sea Horse flower, LOL. It is quite the little beauty. As I recall the flowers themselves are dime size, while the plants was about 2 feet tall.



Exercise: I have walk a couple of miles today.

Moved Today: Well I have moved another 25 miles north or so and up about 2500 feet in elevation. Should be cooler 🙂

Verizon Unlimited: Well today after getting set up in my new location I did a speed test on the MiFi Device and I am running 4G speed again and I am well over 10 GIG. However I think they will get around to making it 3G after 10 Gig at some point in the near future.

Night folks


11 thoughts on “Sea Horse Flower?

  1. Pretty little flowers! As we move out of the Cottonwood/Sedona area our cell speeds will probably pick up. I have much faster connection here near Ash Fork – not as much traffic competing for the bandwidth. Verizon uses what they call “network management” rather than “throttling”, so they may not slow us down as much.

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    1. Thanks Dale. The Cottonwood/Sedona area is busy cell area for sure. The statement from Verizon sounds more like “throttling” and reading over on the Escapees RV Forum seems the opinion is it will be a “Throttling” with some of them getting info from RV Mobile Internet Resource Center which is pretty good about knowing what is happening with the Wireless stuff. The way I am reading it is the MiFI will slow at 10 Gig but not the phone unless it is use as a hot spot. the Network Management kicks in at 22 Gig on the phone. But here to hoping it won’t be a “throttling” !!!


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