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Exercise: Jeanne and I walked near 3 miles today, it motivates me so much to have someone to walk with 🙂

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Walking

    1. I kind of like walking but still it is more fun with friends. Most of the time I look forward to a walk but of late I have been a bit slack, so having a friend to walk with is helping a lot.

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  1. Marvelous beauties in these two photos! About walking, it’s nice to have someone to walk with. I have a Golden Retriever that forces me to walk her every day, except when it rains too much.

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    1. Thanks Hien, Many of my RV friends have dogs to walk and so does Jeanne and it just love to walk. I like dogs but I don’t have one because sometimes I leave the RV for a long time and don’t think I want to leave a dog for a long time in a hot RV.


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