Twisted Bee

Pictures: This bee was busy working away at the little colorful bush. I’ll post some close-ups shots of the bush in a day or two.



Exercise: We walked two and half miles today.

Weather: It has been a bit cold! The days are not getting too warm (mid 50s) and the nights are right down cold for RVs (high 20s) but by adding a little heat in the RV with the Wave 8 Heater, it is fine. This is a bit early in the year for RVing in the Flagstaff area, so a few cold days is expected. We are to have a couple days like this and then it will be a mix of warm and cool days off and on, for the next two or three weeks. Over all it looks like we will have more nice warm days than cool days 🤞

Night folks


10 thoughts on “Twisted Bee

  1. The first photo I was able to enlarge and zoom in quite a bit. It is just beautiful and the bee was being very busy.
    The second photo I was not able to enlarge it nor zoom in.

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    1. Thank you Frank, I did use flash. I have a first edition Canon 580 Flash and I had it set -2/3, petty much were I leave it set for catch light in the eyes when I am watching for birds to shoot. So …… bottom line on the flower shot, it was kind of luck I go the light right 🙂

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