More Dead Trees

Pictures: Couple more dead trees from the last area.



Exercise: We had a great walk this morning, just over 4 miles.

Weather: We got just a sprinkle of rain, Help with the dust a bit.

Night folks


Our New Area

Pictures: Our new area, which we are very happy with.

Looking in.


Looking out.


Looking to the side.


Looking to the other side.


Nearest Neighbor, maybe a 1000 feet away.


Exercise: Only a short walk today, maybe a mile or mile and a half, not much.

Night folks


Pictures: This a couple shots of a Lake near where we are. Talking with the ranger a few days after getting here he tells us that this lake will dry up in the summer and as you can see it is not very deep.



Exercise: We walked about 3.5 miles today, a bit slower today because I took the camera with me.

4-Wheelers: There are all over the place today, making dust like crazy! We knew this would be case over this weekend.

Night folks

Great-tailed Grackle

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of a female Great-tailed Grackle.



Exercise: We walked about 4.5 miles today, a very good walk!

Weather: The weather has been just about prefect with the only bad part being, it has been a little windy.

Scouting : Over the last two days my Friend Jeanne and I with out scouting for new places to stay and have found a spot or two that we thought would be good to stay at for a couple of weeks. Scouting can take a bit of time and out of 3 or 4 places you look at, you may only like one of them(or find one that will be suited to fix your type of rig) but that is the way to find the good ones. I think we did good 🙂 . Jeanne busted one of her tires on her car the first day out ☹, but luckily she had just had new tires put on and they are going to replace it for only the labor cost. The next day we took my truck out and did another round of scouting and got to see all the places we wanted to see for this scouting round.

Night folks

Dead Trees

Pictures: Here are a couple off dead trees in the area(always lots of dead trees when in the forest). The first one looks like it has been trimmed by forest rangers(maybe) and the second one was a shot I took on the snowy day we had with the sun back-lighting it.



Exercise: We walked 3.8 miles today.

Night Folks