Colorful Bush

Pictures: When walking upon this little bush one could see little specks of color but the beauty only show up when looking close.



Exercise: We walked two and half miles today.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Colorful Bush

  1. Upon closer look the stamens of this flower are also unusual. The way they protrude from the seemingly closed purple flower with it its orange head on top of the pale “stem” and then having black underneath the orange “pin head”.
    Then on the bottom photo you see the purple flower is indeed open, but the stamens have become darker.
    Hope my description is not too confusing.
    The yellow seems to be part of the purple flower.
    As like with all the desert flowers the white “hairs” on the flowers lighten up the whole bush.

    There are some amazing flowers in the desert as you have been finding them. You have a good eye for it.

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    1. Thank you, it is indeed an unusual plant. I have seen this little bush a few times but this is the first time have taken a close look/photo at/of it. I am glad I did, because as you point out it has some very unique features to see and enjoy.


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