Back to Yellow

Pictures: This is near the end of all the spring flowers I have shot in the desert this year. I am sure there will be more over the summer but hopefully I can found a few birds to photograph too. I am starting to see a good many birds now that I am in a higher elevation.



Exercise: We walked 3.3 miles today, a good walk indeed. The knee fuss at me a little bit. We are moving tomorrow so maybe I give it a rest with a day off.

Night folks


11 thoughts on “Back to Yellow

  1. Hello cheery yellow. The wings on the bumblebee in the first photo you can see the veins through the “glass” wings. Nice.
    Second photo is real nice with the flowers in various stages from buds to fully open. Good shot.

    You did well on your walk today. Wow. 3.3 Miles. WTG.

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