Pictures: A House Finch and a Lesser Gold Finch.



Exercise: We walked about 3 miles today, a good walk. My Friend is a very good walker and she keeps us at a pace of just over 18 minutes per mile, which is very good. I feel like I am getting back on track with my exercise, thanks to my friend Jeanne 🙂

ZTE Mobley: The ZTE Mobley AT&T Connected Car Unlimited Plan is in the testing phase in my RV home. This is a 4G/LTE 22/unlimited plan which means that for 22 gigs you run wild open speeds and after that it is a matter of how crowded the towers are and most folks are reporting good speeds on this plan after the 22 gigs.
Once you look this device up, you may think that well this can only be used in a car ….. not so. You can buy an adapter that will let you run it off AC plug or an adapter that will let you run it off 12 volts DC, or like me with just a little research you can make an adapter. After you have an adapter you can use it anywhere!
I only had ZTE Mobley for a day or two but so far I am liking it and I give it a 5 😀😀😀😀😀 review!

So Now
(1) I have move to the Verizon Unlimited plan (not as cheap by a long ways as the AT&T plan is, and has more limits than all the other unlimited plans) but Verizon is likely to get you connected out in the woods when all the others may or may not, so I’ll have to keep it for now. If this was truly a unlimited plan it would be all I would have, but it is not really unlimited.

(2) I have the ZTE Mobley AT&T Connected Car Unlimited Plan. Folks this plan is only $20.00 a month + (fees and tax, so maybe $5.00 more), I could not pass it up 🙂
The only down side to this plan is that I may not have a AT&T connection everywhere I go.

Night folks