Couple more Flowers

Pictures: Here is some more flower shots from a couple site back.



Weather: Looks like we have a rainy day ahead. I woke to rain and it has continue now for over two hours. I will say that we really needed it because things were very dry, so this is good. It is kind of cool too so this is not my favorite kind of weather, I don’t mind the rain so much but with the cold it makes the old bones ache a bit.

Exercise: Not today, it has rain most of the day or at least been misting and it is cold, good day to stay inside and warm πŸ™‚

Night folks


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    1. Brrrr is right, it was near freezing this morning! I am not minding it too much over all and it will only last for another day or so ……. but my heater is staying busy!

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