House Finches

Pictures: House Finches are about everywhere one could go in the US but still I like to photo them.

He has a seed …


Now it is gone!


Many Male House Finches will have a bit different color, a bit of yellow or maybe orange instead of the normal red. It all depends on what they eat.


Kind of orange.


Normal color.


Weather: This morning is right down cold but lucky for us this will pass in a day or two.

Exercise: We walked a couple mile this morning.

Night folks


8 thoughts on “House Finches

  1. We don’t have these finches over here. Our ‘house’ bird is the sparrow, although in my childhood they were abundant and today they seem to be somewhat rare. I like (the pictures of) your finches, the red and the orange, like they are wearing little party hats.

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    1. We have a lot of your House Sparrows over here in the US, they cover the entire US as a matter of fact. I wonder why they are not doing so good over your way? Over here they like the city areas and seem to flourish.


      1. Sparrows are typical city dwellers over here as well (and in tourist places where they flock on the tables of applepie lovers). In modern days however the places where they nest, under roof tiles and such, are because of ‘better’ building hard to be found Also isolation of the houses leave little space for nesting. And thirdly, many city gardens are paved these days, so plants and insects, where they feed on, seeds and stuff, are scarse. Alas.

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    1. Thanks Hien, yes I have read that they where westerner first. Looking at my Sibley Bird Guide it looks like they are everywhere in the US except maybe parts of Florida.


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