A little Closer

Pictures: Here are some shots of the Sam Francisco Mountain above Flagstaff AZ. I took these shots about 20 miles from the mountain. A while back I took some shots from about 50 miles away, so these are a little closer.




Exercise: We had a good walk today, it was 3.8 miles πŸ™‚

Night folks


5 thoughts on “A little Closer

  1. You got snow already? Or still? Or always on top of those mountains? We finally are getting some better weather over here. It’s not that polar bears are roaming the streets, but till now it was to cold. I have got a blackbird in my tiny garden building a nest, or rather refurbishing an existing one, so (off)spring seems to be on its way. Nice pictures by the way!

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    1. Thank you, and no, the mountain is about 11000-12000 feet high and I took the pictures from about 7000 feet, no snow down here but there is on the mountain.
      I hope you start to get some warmer weather over your way soon, the cold is no fun anywhere.
      In the spring the Black Bird clicks will be fun!


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