Our New Area

Pictures: Our new area, which we are very happy with.

Looking in.


Looking out.


Looking to the side.


Looking to the other side.


Nearest Neighbor, maybe a 1000 feet away.


Exercise: Only a short walk today, maybe a mile or mile and a half, not much.

Night folks


20 thoughts on “Our New Area

    1. Thanks, we are west of Flagstaff AZ about 15 miles in the National Forest. It is great for both walking and biking and we walked about 4 miles this morning. We are liking it 🙂

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    1. Thanks, no we have no hook ups what-so-ever! We both have solar on our rigs for our electric and tanks for both fresh and waste water, which we fill and empty when we move. We are both set up for boon-docking 🙂


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