Flycatcher and Junco

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Ash-throated Flycatcher(best guess) and a Dark-eyed Junco (red-backed).

I took this picture here. I am not getting a lot of birds at the feeder but a few.


This is a shot I took while still near Camp Verde. I am thinking this is a Ash-throated Flycatcher and if any one has a some input on this bird, I am listening 🙂


Exercise: We walked about 3.3 miles today. I am happy that I am running around with someone that likes the rule of “lets keep each other honest” 🙂

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Flycatcher and Junco

    1. Thanks, no story, just a old saying I like. We both like to exercise and some days one might not exercise if it is just them so we’re just great encouragement for each other. Well at least that is the way I am, if I knew that my friend was not going to be waiting to go for our walk, I would likely skip more days.

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