Day Moon

Pictures: Here is a day time moon shots that I took this morning. These shots are as seen but I had to blend photos together to get both the tree and moon in focus. The first two I did by cropping the moon from one photo and pasting into the other. The third one with Photoshop CS6 by …… see below.



By….. With Photoshop open …
1. File/Script/Load Files into Stack
2. Browse/ (then I pick the files, I took four shots, two of the tree and two of the Moon) After picking shots I clicked /Open. — Photoshop then opens the images in layers.
3. Select all layers then
Edit/Auto-Align Layers/Auto/OK — I then did a crop of what I wanted.
4. Make sure all layers are still selected then
Edit/Auto-Blend Layers/Stack images/OK
5. You can play now with each layer/Mask or just flatten the image, which I did.
6. Process in Photoshop like any other image.
Note: Lots of YouTube videos on how to do this 🙂

The third is better in that you can not see where I try to blend the sky shots that were a bit different in each shot. Still not perfect, I likely should have worked with each mask/layer a bit.

Exercise: We walked 3.3 miles today.

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