Pygmy Nuthatches 2

Pictures: Couple more shots of the Pygmy Nuthatches.



Exercise: I walked 4.1 miles this morning and it felt pretty good. I was not sure how today would go after yesterday’s big walk but the knees did not fail me. I think if I take at least two days a week off I’ll be okay.

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4 thoughts on “Pygmy Nuthatches 2

  1. These little guys are so cute! Your shots are tack sharp and full of texture and details. I love them.

    I hiked about 4 miles on Saturday, and gained about 300ft elevation. It was the first real hike I’ve done since falling a month ago. My knee is still bruised, and a little swollen so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but I did great. But, woke up Sunday with aching quads. I’ve been stretching and they’re still so sore today. I got out of shape fast. 😦


    1. Thank you, they are neat looking little birds and this one was a lifer for me 🙂
      Good hike you had. Glad the bruised knee didn’t cause any problems. Hope the quads get better soon.
      It takes so little time for me to get out of shape and so long to get back in! I took the last two days off so hopefully I’ll be good to go tomorrow after the rest!

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