Always entertaining Squirrels

Pictures: Couple of shots the squirrels and their antics.



City: I went into the city today to do the chores, laundry, shopping and such. Debated on going in today because of the holiday but decided to give it a go. I got in and got chores done before to much excitement of the holiday got start I think. The interstate was very busy on the way back and I was glad to get off the road and back into the beauty of the forest πŸ™‚

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12 thoughts on “Always entertaining Squirrels

  1. Squirrels are so irresistibly cute. Had a pet one for over 8 years. They don’t live nearly that long in the wild. Raised him from a tiny, nursing baby!

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      1. He was a sweetheart . . . BUT . . . he had hard and fast rules. The number one rule was DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND IN MY CAGE – unless I have granted permission! He had a huge mynah bird cage with a giant piece of driftwood in it. He was master of his universe. He loved to be petted around his head and neck – and under his arms. He would lift up his arm, or put down his head to indicate desired access point! I could go on for hours with stories. It was a sad day when he finally left our happy little home. It was months and months before I stopped turning around with treats for him – his cage was in the kitchen. Brazil nuts were his favorite!

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  2. They can be a pest, but lovely to photograph. I read so much of your blog and the effort you put on walking and biking, that I got eventually influenced by you. So I’ve started today to ride again with just about 5 miles. It has been a while, but very happy I did this.

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    1. I agree, When I had a permanent home (Not on Wheels) I kept feeders out and the Squirrel where a challenge to control. Exercise is more and more of a battle as I get older, but if I can keep myself from over doing it I do enjoy it. Glad you were able to get back at it πŸ™‚


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