White-breasted Nuthatches

Pictures: Here are some shots of the White-breasted Nuthatches. It is nice to have both the White-breasted Nuthatches and the Pygmy Nuthatches coming the the feeding area.




Exercise: I walked two miles today. For now I am off by myself and doing my usual walking again, which is not as far.

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6 thoughts on “White-breasted Nuthatches

  1. Great, but where is your friend? I’m doing well on my bike. I’ve covered just about 20 miles in 4 days. Not bad, and I’ll keep on 5 days a week, thanks to you.

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    1. Good deal on the exercise Alix, I too will keep at it but maybe not as hard. My friend wanted to move to higher ground due to the heat and she did. All us nomad types are like this, we may move at any time just because we feel like it. We will likely run into each other down the road and camp together again for a while. Many of my friends come and go, all our houses have wheels and we use them!
      I have another friend that may be coming by about the end of this week and he don’t like to exercise but love’s to ride around and just run the roads in general with his friends, so that means I’ll have to get out and about a lot more! I have a great mix of friend out here on the road 🙂


  2. I was wondering about your friend too. And just like Alix you are motivating me to keep on walking even though right now my back says otherwise.
    Do those colored pebbles make it more attractive for the birds. It certainly makes for nice pictures.

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    1. Thanks Meta, Read the comment I made to Alix about my friend. I am glad to hear you are exercising too! The back is a tough one to work around when it come to exercise.
      I just put the pebbles in there to see what it did for the photos but the bird will often get in that area to do their bathing, so maybe they like them too.


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