Favorite Bird

Pictures: My favorite bird for this area, Acorn Woodpecker.

As always, click a couple of time on the images for a bigger picture 🙂



Exercise: I walked a little over three miles this morning.

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14 thoughts on “Favorite Bird

    1. Thank you, ever so much! I am glad that you enjoy them I have fun taking them and I must also add that you have some pretty stunning images over on your site too 🙂

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  1. Nice shots. John I click couple time as you indicate and get a bigger picture. When I check my site/page and click nothing happens. Is there something I need to do to get that result?

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    1. Thanks Alix, I can get a bigger image on you pictures. I have a Windows Computer so I am not sure how it would work on other OS, like Apple or Linux …… but on my Windows machine I right click one of your images and pick “View Image” and that gives me a bigger view and often I see a ” + ” and that means I can left click on it and get a bigger images still.
      I use HTML code to show my Flickr images on WordPress, I can share that with you if you interested in storing you photo somewhere other than WordPress. This gives me more control over what size you see before and after clicking on it. Also this saves my WordPress space so I can keep it free 🙂


      1. Thank you John, I’ll try that. Perhaps others can see my pictures in bigger sizes when they click on them, but not myself. I have no problems with Flickr for it was only wordpress.

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    1. Thank you Hien, I’ve always had a thing for woodpeckers and another thing is that their are lots of them in this area, a double hit! 🙂


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