Another Mix

Pictures: Here is a Mountain Chickadee and Rufus Hummer. You have seen this Hummer before a few days ago, in the same place at the same time but this time with his wings open, he has a spider web on the top of his beak 🙂



Chores: It is Monday so I went into the city and did my chores today, laundry, shopping, water for the RV, Gal jugs of water for drinking and other such things.

Night Folks

10 thoughts on “Another Mix

  1. I had to look real hard to see the spider web on top of his beak. But it is there. LOL.
    Real great shot of the hummer as well as the Chickadee.

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    1. Thanks, I started processing the Hummer photo and it hit me that I had done one of that bird before and since no one had notice the spider web from the shot before, I thought I would mention it 🙂


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